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Hary AG has developed into a modular transport service provider and is focusing on becoming the leading provider of specialised transport services in the future. Our broad and flexible range of services and the competence of our employees pave the way for this.

Corporate strategy

Hary AG focuses on strengthening and broadening its existing business areas as a carrier. We concentrate on the services sector, which is to be seen as the common denominator of our various transport segments. Qualified transport personnel, independent workshop services, depot services and warehousing logistics are in the foreground.

The main driver is the trend towards digitisation, which is particularly demanded by the shipping industry. First and foremost we optimize the utilisation of cost potentials through improved control, but also the development and use of adapted or completely new services, in particular together with our customers.

Hary AG focuses on the development and use of alternative drives and energies in its fleet. The goal of the Board of Directors in this segment is to present solutions by 2022.

Continuous fleet maintenance and replacement of the rolling units after a holding period of 36 months at the latest are a crucial factor for the realisation of assets in secondary and third markets within and outside Europe. Hary AG is visibly expanding its network in relevant markets and is developing significant value-added potential through fleet growth.

Facts & figures

Alliance partners
m² storage area
freight kilometres per year
m² outdoor storage


John Heidrich


… is a member of the Board of Directors and responsible for the operative area and its development. He has many years of distinct experience in transport logistics and is a proven expert in tank logistics. As Managing Director, he is responsible for the Group’s tank logistics.

Jonas Hary

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

… is significantly active for the development of the Group as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. His pronounced ability to recognise “opportunities” continues to set dynamic impulses and has made the Group what it is today. He is the sole shareholder of Hary AG.

Patrick Kriener

Supervisory Board

… is the man on the Supervisory Board who brings in his network and experience, gained over many years in dealing with politics and in the area of mandatory approval procedures for the Group’s diverse business activities.